Applicable to any surface both interior and exterior, concrete is an affordable service that can revamp any home. Picture countertops, floors, driveways, or walking paths.

Epoxy Flooring

You wouldn’t believe how smooth and professional concrete can feel until you’ve seen the wonder of epoxy flooring. Picture a perfect ballet floor but instead of wood, an epoxy concrete floor that looks just as good and cost but a fraction of the price.


The leading material in driveway and sidewalk design, asphalt will provide a smooth, perfect path for your home and vehicles. It's just one phone call away.

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Here at Pound Concrete we make it a point of pride to get you the best concrete services available at the right price you can afford.

Regardless of whether you need a concrete patio installed in New York or asphalt paving in California, we have the statewide pros who can help. Pound Concrete can find coverage in your hometown and get the service for any concrete job. At Pound Concrete we can match you up with the most professional workers available for the most reasonable price range. We have professional teams who are eager and willing to work, so try us out and see if we can make your home more comfortable.

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Here at Pound Concrete we try to ensure that all customers and clients are completely satisfied. We pledge to deliver quality work and professional contractors to all homeowners and business owners across the United States of America.

At Pound Concrete, we know that the quality of work is the real demand, and aim to provide the best quality that customers ask for. Sometimes all it takes are some concrete steps in front of your property to turn a house into your dream home. You’d be amazed at how much difference just one concrete job can make for your home. And our workers can service residential as well as commercial location sites.

Should you see it fit to go through with our services, you won’t regret your decision. Pound Concrete is with you all the way and will go out of its way to make sure the job gets done right the first time. Simply give us a call to get started, and a pro can give you a free estimate once they’re on site.


What clients say about us

“I was having a hard time walking around my driveway, everything was so broken up. So I called in for asphalt repair and now my driveway looks amazingly smooth!”

Tom Springfield, MA

“I needed to get the cement ramp that leads up to my shed repaired, the thing was like an ice slide in the winter. Not it looks great and functions great all year round.”

Jimmy Nashua, NH

“The pathway leading down from my house was so severely broken. Now it looks brand new and my home has benefited as a result”

Casey Fresno, CA

“I feel like I’m rich! My driveway used to be wrinkled and cracked, but now it looks like you could park a corvette on it. Brand new paving was a great choice.”

Teddy Omaha, NE

“We had a walkway that didn’t quite line up correctly. It was kinda annoying to look at, especially dead on. Now it looks like the walkway to a mansion! Amazing work.”

William Plano, TX

“There were some cracked pavers in front of my home that didn’t look good. Now that it’s professionally filled in I want to show off my home to everyone!”

David Toledo, OH

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Pound Concrete wants to get the best pros available out to you, and ensure you get the job done exactly the way you want its. Pound Concrete has made it a point of pride to give homeowners access to top tier professional work.

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Nothing that harms the Earth in the long run.

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